Fertility Services

Bodytalk for Conception:

Daily stress and the environment are impacting on many couples ability to conceive. The emotional state of men at conception and during pregnancy has been proven scientifically to directly influence the emotional intelligence of the growing fetus. Through Bodytalk sessions and a balanced diet, couples can attain optimum health, reduce levels of stress and make healthy lifestyle changes, prior to conception. In this way both partners prepare for a successful conception and pregnancy. Through the BodyTalk system, the female reproductive system is regulated to a normal 28 day cycle and many symptoms of urino-genital imbalance such as endometriosis and ovarian cycts and polyps, are addressed. Stress, emotions, fears, negative belief systems as well as physical issues that are impacting your ability to conceive will all be taken into account and addressed.

BodyTalk Handout on treating Menstrual Disorders: 

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Yoga for fertility:

Yoga for fertility can greatly increase your chances of getting pregnant because it increases relaxation, blood flow to the reproductive organs (improving egg and sperm quality) and creates a sense of peace and well being. Executing specific yoga for fertility poses will definitely help you conceive faster. Also, once pregnant, yoga can help you through your pregnancy increase flexibility and tone your muscles to prepare you for childbirth.

    Yoga for fertility is mostly recommended to women, but very few know that this form of exercise can actually increase sperm quality, sperm count and sperm motility in men. Yoga for men helps decrease stress levels that affects male erectile dysfunction and impotence. Practicing yoga is beneficial to both partners when trying to conceive.

    In the class we also focus on developing core strength and correct posture to help prepare the body for the demands of pregnancy. 

    As infertility is a sensitive issue this class  creates a place for friendship, support and communication with others facing the same issues. Registration with your partner is encouraged but not necessary for participation.

Yoga Therapy to set you up with a regular routine that will help get your body in the most optimal shape for conception is highly recommended.  The class is great but a regular daily practice is most beneficial.