BodyTalk is WholeHealthcareâ„¢

BodyTalk stimulates the body's innate ability to balance and heal itself on all levels. In a way, we actually talk to the body the to find out the root cause of the condition bringing it to the surface. Then by knowing what the problem is the body can fix it with the help of some integrated energy work techniques.  If your problem is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or issues with dealing with your environment (work, family, money, stress...)  you name it BodyTalk can help you.   

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See here to  check out the Outcome of the 12 week Distance BodyTalk Study that we conducted Jan-Mar 2017. 

Testimonial From a 4 year old Study Participant:

My granddaughter moved in with me at the age of 18 months.  She had suffered trauma, neglect, malnourishment and abuse previous to moving in.  Her behavior issues were quite severe and she is coping with FASD as well as ADHD among other things.  We were at our wits end dealing with melt-downs, defiance, and lack of sleep for the household.  She was struggling with hyperactivity, tactile sensitivities, hearing and speech issues and sleep deprivation..... 

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Appointment Request

I am available through the online booking for a wide variety of in person treatment times.I can be available outside those hours by request. Distance treatments are more readily available. Please get in touch with me to set something up. Here, by email (joannefitness (at) gmail (dot ) com or by phone/text 306-341-3695

Sunrider Products

Joanne has been a Sunrider Independent Business Owner (IBO) since 2007.  Sunrider has been making WHOLE food herbal supplements, weight-loss, personal care and home care products since 1982. All natural food concentrates with no isolated compounds added sugars, colours or preservatives. Cosmetics so natural  that you could eat them... A blend of Chinese Medicine and Western Science.  These products have changed my life and they could help you too!

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